You Have the Power to Save the Day
for Congenital Heart Defects!

Help Us Raise Money for Congenital Heart Defects, the #1 Birth Defect Worldwide.

CHD affects nearly 1 in 100 children and leads to a lifetime of medical visits, emotional challenges, financial burden for families. Heart Heroes and our partner CHD organizations are focused on helping families cope with these challenges, while also bringing forth awareness that will help generate funding for more research.

We need your help to make this happen.


How Do I Fundraise?

1. Sign-up to participate in your local Superhero Heart Run.  Find the next event in your area.

2. Log into your account and click on “My Fundraisers”.  Select your team and edit, add a photo or brief blurb about why you’re “Saving the Day for CHD”, and you’re good to go! You can invite people to join your team, post updates, and more!

3. Visit our Fundraising Tips page to find great online fundraising tools for your team or individual fundraising.

4. Set up your fundraising webpage and start asking!  Ask family and friends to donate for CHD awareness.


Tips for Successful Fundraising

Send an Email – Send out an email to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc and ask for their support in your cause.

★ Engage Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn are great tools to reach potential contributors to your fundraising campaign.

Work Support – Hold a fundraising day to raise money for your team.  Post a flier in the break room & get a department team going! 

School Support – Engage the support of your child’s school, PTA & other organizations.

Create Your Own T-shirt Campaign – T-shirts are a great way to stand out at the Superhero Heart Run. Design your own & raise funds, too!

★ ASK, ASK, ASK – Download the official fundraising form to record any personal donations you receive.  Enter the donations online on your Active fundraising page (don’t forget to bring them day-of!)

★ Download Our Fundraise for CHD Flyer –  Share with your team for super fundraising efforts!


Fundraising Guidelines

★ The top fundraising team and individual at an event will receive a prize for their fundraising efforts.


★ Fundraising contributions must be posted through the fundraising campaign link in order to be credited to a team or individual.

★ Cash or check contributions must be clearly marked to indicate the individual/team to credit the donation to.

★ Prizes are distributed the day of the event.