"Super Green" Initiative

The Superhero Heart Run and Heart Heroes, Inc. are committed to implementing environmentally-friendly practices during the execution of our events.  We have developed this “SUPER GREEN” Initiative to describe our sustainability policy and communicate it to our participants and supporters.  Join us in being “SUPER GREEN” at the Superhero Heart Run and everyday – we thank you for your commitment to sustainability practices!

  • No Styrofoam will be purchased nor used at a Superhero Heart Run event.
  • We encourage all participants to bring their own water bottles to reduce the need for paper cups or plastic bottles.
  • The Superhero Heart Run will offer recycling containers at events for recyclables.
  • We are committed to offering water refill stations and paper cups to participants versus purchasing individual water bottles.  If individual bottles are donated for an event, we will distribute them to the participants (and encourage recycling in provided containers).
  • There is no smoking at any Superhero Heart Run event.
  • Due to environmental and medical concerns, balloon releases are not allowed at Superhero Heart Runs (including non-latex and biodegradable balloons).  We have offered a Heart Angel Memorial at many of our events, and do a “bubble ceremony” rather than a balloon release.

We hope you will join us to be “SUPER GREEN” at the Superhero Heart Run!!