Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my superhero cape and race information?

Capes and race bags are distributed the day-of the event, at check-in.  Capes will be offered to walk-ups upon availability.

If you have or are a Heart Hero (someone with CHD), please request a Heart Hero Cape here.  *Please note, Heart Hero Capes are shipped directly from our cape partner and are not distributed day-of the event.  Please put "SHHR" in the Organization Code field. Every effort will be made to ship the Heart Hero Cape before the event, but cannot be guaranteed.

What is your refund policy?

In an effort to maintain the fundraising nature of these events, we apologize that we are unable to offer refunds for non-attendance or weather cancellations.

What should I bring to the run?

We recommend bringing a water bottle and cash or cards (for food, beverages or last-minute donations)!

Wear your superhero finest- we want to see those costumes! Heart Heroes, don't forget your Heart Hero Capes!!

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses or hats for sun protection.

What do I do with last-minute donations?

Bring them along and turn them in at check-in!  We can accept checks, cash, and credit card donations at the event.  Donation receipts available upon request.

Can I bring my skateboard, scooter or bike?

Please leave them at home this time - we are leaving the routes clear for our runners, walkers and families with strollers and wagons.

Will food and beverages be offered?

Please visit the specific run page for day-of information and activities.

Will my t-shirt be mailed to me?

T-shirt pick-up will be available during check-in.  You are responsible for picking up your t-shirt, or making arrangements to pick it up after the event.  T-shirts will be available for a minimum donation amount at the event, if quantities are available.

Is parking available at the event?

Please visit the run webpage for parking details. Please note, some venues charge a parking fee or daily pass.

Is the run timed? Will the times be posted?

The 5k & 2k are fun run/walks and non-competitive.  Some locations may offer a timer, but the times are for participants' information only and are not posted.

Are dogs allowed at the run?

We welcome our four-footed superhero friends, on leashes and if permitted by park/venue policy.  Service animals are always welcome.

I have free registrations from my business sponsorship. How do I use them?

We will send you your free registration code with your sponsorship receipt.  Please contact us if you don't receive your receipt and code.


Where do I sign up for a run?

Visit the event webpage for your local event (check the "Runs" tab above).  You can register through Classy from the event page.